Fable Investments is the corporate venture investment arm of Natura &Co.

Natura &Co is a global, purpose-driven, multi-channel, and multi-brand cosmetics group. It is a connected network of four socially conscious global beauty brands, each unique in mission and spirit, yet connected by a common goal of shaping a better, more caring world.
Avon, Natura, The Body Shop, and Aesop.

Fable Investments is managed independently to ensure full commitment to the investment portfolio and deliver agility, autonomy and reactivity. The team has extensive experience in the beauty and retail industries and in particular new market entry, sustainability, and respectfully scaling brands with a unique positioning.

Fable Investments
8-10 avenue de la Gare
L-1610 Luxembourg


About - © Fable Investments
About - © Fable Investments
About - © Fable Investments

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