Our method in four core pillars

Respect for the founder’s vision.

We want to invest in and support the vision of company founders, not change it. We invest in teams that can operate autonomously, but will provide access to support when needed.

Access to a network of excellence

Scaling, sourcing talents, formulation, manufacturing, new market entry, distribution, marketing, retail architecture… our collective experience combined with our network allow us to act as a comprehensive tool box where are investees are able to pick and chose the type and level of support they need.

Concentrated portfolio.

More is not always merrier. We prefer to dedicate our expertise and financial resources to a portfolio with fewer investments. We currently have four invests and are looking to add two to three investments per year

Alignment of interests.

Our investments are always structured in a way that ensures that our motives and incentives are aligned with the founders’. We strongly believe that win-win relationships are the only way to deliver successful partnerships. We have an evergreen approach and know that building a strong brand takes time, patience and resilience.

Our method - © Fable Investments

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